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This is an exciting time - I'm essentially starting my life from scratch! I'm new to the professional world, the creative world, the financial and the cyber worlds. No one knows me and I don't know anyone. This also means that I know... nothing. So at this infant stage of my creative career I am more or less a sponge - taking in all I come across and squeezing it out right here. I'm always searching for the best resources and inspirations. I suppose it'd be good to mention what (or who) inspired me to get down and dirty in the art world and fulfill my longing for fun work I can do myself:


The Honest Designers Show is one that I just happened to find because I had used  Design Cuts when I was in school for my graphic work - which was a super awesome resource for a young, broke student who needed a lot of textures and brushes. The Honest Designers Show is a podcast with four hosts all with different graphic expertise who discuss a different topic each week about everything relating to the life of a creative. They discuss challenges they've all faced, mental blocks, starting their own businesses and social pages, and how they each found their passion over time and actually gave into those passions and made them their careers. This group is perfect to listen to in the mornings when I'm not awake enough to listen to TaySwift's new edgy side (I'm actually never awake enough to listen to that). I highly recommend this podcast to any designer, artist, and architect.

Brain Pickings is a page I found a few weeks ago when I was just looking for things to read during lunch. It's really for anyone who enjoys art, culture, sociology, psychology.. really anything. It reminds me of Snapple caps with the variety of fun facts and Bill Nye with the sense of awe and fascination I have after spending some time on the site. Even though I probably won't retain most of the information I read here, it's all just interesting topics I would never go looking for but I'm glad i found.

I'm not sure why anyone pays for and education anymore (myself included) when there's literally infinite amounts of information of every topic ever online. I think that in a couple decades, everyone will have degrees from Google University and be able to learn by looking through their smart glasses or whatever they're called and simultaneously getting in their Spin workouts. But anyways - I'll keep a catalog here of the best online resources I find for education, entertainment, and to get a little pep in your creative step and mine. Maybe there'll even be a yoga tutorial on here sometimes, so keep checking!

Please comment! Thanks for reading and sharing!

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And this is How it Starts

And this is How it Starts