And this is How it Starts

And this is How it Starts

What makes me think I have any business writing a blog? Who on this planet would be interested in what I have to say or share? I'm an introvert who went to high school with 35 kids, have a concerningly small friend group, and deleted my Facebook 3 years ago. There's tens of thousands of people in the Greater Boston area who are better writers than me. So what possessed me to start this blog? The fact that I have no clue what I'm doing, and it's totally okay!

I graduated college this past year with a Master of Architecture degree and scrambled to find a job since I was.. ya know.. completely broke. Good news - I got one! Bad news - adulting is a totally weird feeling and I'm not a fan of it so far. Not that it's overwhelming, actually compared to grad school it's quite the opposite and I've found myself feeling deprived of the design and personal challenges I faced while in school. I've always been amazing! No, seriously. I was a flawless student, president of this club and that, winner of every award there was - perfection in human form! Maybe that's a little much, but if you asked any of my professors or supervisors, they'd say I was one of the most promising, driven, goal oriented pupils to grace the Earth. Now, at 23 years old, I feel a little lost, apathetic, and in need of a creative life boost.

I need to be busy, it's just how I operate. I'm one of the strangest mixtures of personality in one tiny bundle of human flesh you'll come across. I grew up in the woods where cell service was an anomaly. I moved to the city to learn to make tall buildings because I couldn't decided if I wanted to study fashion or quantum physics. After years of internal battles between my logical, organization-driven, professional self and my spontaneous, strange, warp-minded, let-me-paint-and-run-through-the-woods mentality, I've decided to just give in to whatever is interesting - which is what The Starving Artist is about.. but I still need to eat and pay rent. Damn adulting.

And here we are today - me still searching for my calling in life and turning to the internet for answers (it does know everything doesn't it?) But when I feel that even the all powerful online realm of posts, opinions, tutorials, and podcasts has left me feeling more confused, I just step away from it all, put the phone down, and draw. 

In my quest for a balance of feeding my fascination with graphics and design and love of just messing around with having to live a pratical, bill-paying life needs, I want to record and share all the things that keep me going! 

I hope this blog is at least semi-interesting to some people and relatable to young, inspired creatives. Here's to a new venture as an aspiring, starving artist. Cheers!

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