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I Blew Through Architecture School and Never Pulled an All Nighter

This blog title probably outrages some people: Well then you obviously didn’t do design school correctly. You must not have had very good work.

Try me.

I was simply a start student who liked to sleep and didn't sacrifice my work ethic to do so. 

How to Find Inspiration While Living Alone

The end of the year is a time for reflections. This time, I'm reflecting on how in the world I survived a the worst summer of my life working 70 hours a week 17 weeks straight without going nuts or being creatively drained. If you think you're in a rut or working too hard and loosing your edge, this read is for you.

Welcome to 2017. "Sustainable" is a term thrown around a lot to describe anything and everything in the design world - buildings, cars, technology, energy, etc. etc....

To millennials, this word is so overused, it hardly has meaning anymore and it's certainly not an impressive goal. As a designer of this rising generation, I believe we've got some serious business to get down to.


Getting Inspired Basics

We've all been there: lack of interest, no motivation, nothing appeals to you. It's a horrible feeling, especially for a creative. So how can you jumpstart new goals or maybe reconnect to old ones you had back in the day?

If you knew you had to be completely exhausted every day for the next 10 years doing one thing of your choosing, what would you choose to do?

This has become a very important question I’ve been trying to address, and here’s why: