Starving Designs is the personal brand of Chelsea Gazaille, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer. 

Current Projects Include:

  • Handmade Chalkboard Greeting Cards - available on Etsy
  • Paint Pour Wall Art
  • Modern Home Illustration Collection
  • Freelance Branding Work
  • Home Decor and Apparel - available on Society 6
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A Brief History

Hey! I'm Chelsea - an aspiring 23 year old creative looking for all things inspiring in this world. I hold a Master of Architecture degree but I've always had an affair with graphic design with both amateur and professional work. I'm now the head of Marketing and Media at a building facade fabrication company. I'm an architect turned graphic designer who loves art and is a certified kickboxing instructor. Life and business is stressful and messy, so let's relax, create some beautiful images, and make your home (and your business) look a little better!